As the club begins a process to review and update its' By-Laws, this page is here to help the club understand our current
By-Laws and be a place any member may post a suggestion or amendment for a change in our current By-Laws. The
current By-Laws are 37 years old. And appear to have served the club well. Lets hope any changes stand the test
of time as well. So if you want to get involved, read and study the current by-laws, discuss them with other members, and
submit any changes you would like to be considered and/or voted on by the club.

There is also the "2010 Club By-Law Review & Amendment Forum" that is now on the clubs online forum if you want to
post suggestions or discuss changes there.

Original 1973 Club By-Laws (copies of original pages):
Page 1    Page 2    Page 3    Page 4    Page 5    Page 6    Page 7

Original 1973 Club By-Laws in text (html) format

For informational purposes, here is the AMA web page about becoming an AMA Chartered Club

Proposed Changes for Discussion at Thursday Meetings (and eventually to be voted on):

Title/Principle Office Should the club name remain "State Line Riders, Inc." (three words) or changed to what
seems to have been used more loosely for some time "Stateline Riders" (two words), or even "Stateline Riders
Motorcycle Club"? Should the "principle office" remain in the "Town of Berlin"?

Officers/Directors What Officer or Director positions should be added or eliminated? Are there any "Duties of the
Officers" that need to be changed or updated?

Proposal #1: Defeated 2/25/10: by Kevin H.: Position of Land Steward (01/28/2010)
Proposal #3: Approved 2/25/10: by Jeff W.: Re-Define "Treasurer" & "Secretary", add "Webmaster" (02/04/2010)
Proposal #5: Approved 3/25/10: by Jeff W.: Correct Officer names, add Officer age restriction (02/16/2010)

Elections Do any changes to the clubs election process need to be made? Should candidates need to have their
nominations in by a certain date so the club has both the time and way to hear what they want to do for the club?

Memberships & Voting Does the club need to change what kind of memberships it offers? Should "Family"
memberships have only one vote? Or should all people on a Family membership be able to vote, but only if they
are a "Member in Good Standing" (someone who has attended, say, 6 meetings in the previous 12 months)? Should
all members who can vote be of a certain age to vote on legal and financial matters of the club?
Proposal #2: Defeated 3/4/10: by Bob R.: Membership & Membership Voting Rights (02/04/2010)
Proposal #4: Approved 2/25/10: by Jeff W.: Membership Rules, Dues, & Privileges (02/04/2010)

Meetings Should the club change the dates and start time of meetings as outlined in the current by-laws? Should
the club consider an earlier meeting start time from Sept. to June, for parents who have kids in school?

Please email in any by-law related questions or concerns you'd like the club to consider or proposed by-law changes you
would like posted on this page to statelineriders@yahoo.com and they will be posted above. Members can then read and consider
them and we can then discuss them at the next meeting. If you submit a proposal for a change that gets posted above, then wish to
revise, edit or withdraw that proposal, send that revision in as well and we'll update the page above. Additionally, if a member makes
a proposal above and you have an idea that you feel may improve that proposal you are encouraged to contact the member who
submitted that proposal with your suggestion or idea. They may agree with you! Then they can revise and submit any changes to
their proposal be posted here.

Check back here often as this page may be updated often in the coming weeks!