Old Club News 2009...

5/15/09 - We are trying something new with the web site. How well it goes depends on you, our club members.
Please send in anything you want the club to know about! Just click on "Send In Race Results, Club News & Events!!"
above, or email it to statelineriders@yahoo.com. Even if you just have a bike for sale, send it in to us and we'll get it on here.

5/15/09 - The club is now building an email list so we can keep club members up to date on events and important news.
PLEASE add your email address to the list with the link above!

5/15/09 - We are making some changes to this web site. Send us your thoughts and suggestions using the "Site Feedback"
link above. Here is a temporary link to the old home page.

5/15/09 - Our new Forum is now up at Ride-NY.com.
Thanks to them for giving us our own forum! Just click on
"ONLINE FORUMS" above and come participate! If you are new to the forum, just click "Register". It takes less than a
minute to complete the registration and then you can join the fun.

5/15/09 - TAKE ACTION: Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) still has not rescinded its' new ban on youth ATV's.
Just said they won't enforce it. Typical BS from Washington! Missouri State Representative Tom Self has a great web site to
help fight this lunacy from Washington. Please go here and send a letter to you elected representatives. They do all the work!
You just need to enter your address and press "Send Letter" to send a letter to Congress: http://tomself.com/. You can also
click here to take action via the AMA Action Alert for this. The Goal is to get Bill H.R. 1587 passed in Congress to amend
the "Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008" to provide an exemption for certain off-highway vehicles.
Read More!
2009 02/17 Help change the law to exclude youth-model motorcycles and ATVs
2009 05/04 CPSC decides to stay enforcement

5/22/09 - It's Official! Billy Burns will represent the U.S. at the 2009 International Six Days Enduro in Portugal this year!
Way to go Billy! Billy will be riding for KTM. UPDATE: Here is the AMA News announcement made July 2, 2009

6/18/09 - Work Parties Needed John is asking people to show up at the Sqaw Valley field Wedensday 6/24 @ 5:30PM
so we can get a work party together to get ready for the Club Field Meet 6/27 & 6/28. Click here for directions
We will also need a Work Party the following Wedensday 7/1 @ 5:30 PM at Bugbee's Farm to get ready for our race.

6/18/09 - Ken M. is ordering 100 Raffle Tickets and 50 stickers from NYSORVA (New York State Off-Highway
Recreational Vehicle Association)
. Please see Ken to purchase them and help support NYSORVA. Stickers are $2.00
Raffle Tickets will be $5.00, with $2.50 of that going to our club. This years raffle prizes are (1) $1000.00 Cash Grand
Prize, (9) $100.00 Cash 2nd-10th Prize, (10) $20.00 Cash 11th-20th Prize. Totaling 20 Cash Prizes.
UPDATE 7/24: The Raffle Tickets & Stickers are in! See John at the Thursday meeting to buy them. Click here to see samples.
If you can help the club sell 5 or 10 that would be great! And remember, you can't win the $1000 unless you buy a ticket!

6/19/09 - Angies' Page is now up
. Angie has started her regular web page about our club and members this week. Be
sure to check it out often.

7/2/09 - CPSC Youth ATV Ban & Congressman Scott Murphy Jeff W. (me) was on the phone with Congressman Murphy's
office in Sarataoga today. Mary, very nice woman, suggested the Club send Congressman Murphy a letter outlining the
problem with the CPSC ban and send in a petittion signed by club members requesting action. We will be collection signatures...

7/2/09 - Incredible stunt done for first time in motocross Cam Sinclair Lands First Double Backflip in Freestyle
Motocross Competition. Cam is not a club member but this video might interest some club members click here to see

7/2/09 - 2010 Husaburg Sneak Peek Video Tim E. sent in this YouTube video link on the new FS 570 Supermoto,
new 390 Enduro and new 450 FX Offroad bikes for the club to check out. They all look great!

7/3/09 - Work Party Needed John is asking people to show up at Bugbee's Farm to get ready for our race
Wednesday 7/8 @ 5:30 PM. No Riding of bikes please until AFTER work is done. Click here for directions

7/8/09 - Sport Bike Riding Clinic - Jeff W. (me) recently met Rich Kelly, who lives in our area and recently retired from
racing Super Bikes for Suzuki. Rich plans on becoming a racing instructor and has an offer to do instruction at
Keith Code's California Superbike School. I asked Rich if he might like to do a "Sport Bike Riding Clinic" for some of our
club members if we had enough interest. He agreed it might be fun. He even offered us his time and expertise for "no fee" for
this pilot program for the club this first time. Please email me or see me (Jeff W.) at the club meeting Thursday if you are
interested in doing this. Also let me know if there are any specific topics of interest you would like covered if we do this. Rich
was initially thinking the performance aspects of sport bikes in relation to street riding, including bike setup, but he is open
to ideas. Sounds like a great opportunity for our club members, even if you don't ride a "sport" bike!

7/12/09 - Important Club Meeting Issues for our Race At the 7/9/09 Club Meeting we had several important things discussed
that need the attention of Club Members as we approach our race events on 8/29 & 8/30!!!
    - The Town of Hoosick, for whatever reason, has failed to confirm with the club that we do not need a "Mass Gathering"
    permit. John is asking all members to please come to the Hoosick Town Hall meeting Monday 7/13 @ 7PM.
    Bring your friends too! The Town Hall is at 80 Church Street - Hoosick Falls UPDATE 7/13: Ken and John, and some other
    club members who attended the meeting, had a friendly discussion with the Town Board and answered some questions and
    concerns they had. In short, the board was in agreement the Club does not need to apply for a "Mass Gathering" permit.
    - We are going to do a Work Party at Bugbee's Farm Every Wednesday @ 5:30PM until the race. Please come if you can.
UPDATE at the 8/6 meeting John reported the track is in good shape. No more Wednesday work parties, but rather
work party THURSDAY nights around 5:00 or 5:30PM before the Club Meetings just to finish things up.
UPDATE 8/22 Work Parties WILL be held this coming Wed. & Thurs. and Friday members will be setting up. Come help!
    - We need committee leaders for Cooking, Parking, Sweepers & Scoring to make this easier for everyone. Volunteers??
    - John still needs pictures for the kids T-shirt & still has not received any. See John or email them to statelineriders@yahoo.com

7/13/09 New Pictures Added Theresa M. has sent in some pictures she took at the 2009 Field Meet. Click here to see them.
If you have any pictures from this event you would like to send in please do and we will add them. This also marks the
beginning of our new "Photo Albums" section to try and get Club photos organized a little better. And who knows, we may
even try and get some vidoes on there!

7/14/09 Dillian G. Gets Mention on STS-Motorsports Melissa M. saw this on STS-Motorsports.com and sent it in...
"B Overall is a total toss up with several young contenders in the mix.  Dillan Garmley was able to top Jonathon Girroir
and Justin Salo for the top amateur honors.  Dillan placed a very respectful 17th overall."  ...way to go Dillian!

7/16/09 New Pictures Added Ben and Kadley G. sent in some great pictures from the 5/10/09 Nutmeg State Race and they are
now in the Photo Albums section. It's clear by looking at the this section of the site we have several members good with cameras.

7/16/09 Ty Kipp Reaches A/Expert As Angie reported a few days ago on her latest "Angies' Page", Ty Kipp's 2nd place finish
at the 7/12 CT State race pushes him to A/Expert! Way to go Ty! See Angies' Page for how all our great young riders are doing...

7/24/09 NETRA Meeting At the 7/23 Club Meeting John reported he and Ryan will be going over to the NETRA Competition
Committee meeting
at the Crowne Plaza in Worcester, MA Friday 7/31. John invited anyone who wants to go and get involved in
the NETRA process. And if your desire to get involved is not enough to get you to go there should be free food for attendees.

7/24/09 Billy Burns Wins 200cc National Enduro Championship At the 7/23 Club Meeting Ryan reported Billy won the 200cc
National Enduro Champion with the points he won at the Foggy Mountain National Enduro at Blain, PA 7/19, that makes two years
in a row for Billy. Ryan also finished 7th in "A Open" and 34th overall at this race. Great job guys! Click here for full results

8/8/09 Daryl C's Letter to the Editor If you missed it in the Bennington Banner here is Daryl's Letter to the Editor
last month...thanks Brennan for sending that in!

8/8/09 Scott Phelps of Babcock Lake going to Loretta Lynn's Scott qualified for the 28th annual Air Nautiques/AMA
Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tenn. For the full story from
the Bennington Banner click here. Brennan spotted that and sent that in. UPDATE 8/13 Scott finished 18th overall out
of 42 in the "Vet 35 Plus" class. Click here for full 8/8/09 results

8/8/09 Keeping the Noise Down & Ride bikes, Get Smart Brennan also sent in these two stories he thought the Club
would enjoy reading, the first is from Dirt Rider on "noise". Something our sport must keep a handle on if we want to
keep racing and riding. Click here to read. I also just ran across this story on excessive sound and how it is the single
greatest threat to motorcycling. The other story is on how riding motorcycles makes you smart! The story

8/8/09 STS-Motorsports Mentions for Dillan Garmley & Sawyer Gosselin Melissa M. saw this and sent it in
"Dillan is making quite the name for himself this year with 3 B overalls and now a ticket to the A class.  Congrats
Dillan and we look forward to seeing what you can do in the Expert ranks.  ...The top three in the big wheel would play out
Sokol, McCullough, and Sawyer Gosselin." Read the full story here. Way to go gentlemen!

8/8/09 Pictures Pictures Pictures Added to Clubs Photo Albums Page Alison sent in three sets of photos from
recent races, Ivan sent a great shot of him and Marc at a recent vintage race and I added some photos from the Clubs
Two-Day ride at Ivans farm last week, where we had a great turn out. Thank You Ivan! Click here to check them all out

8/8/09 Billy Burns Endowment Fund Established
This has been in the works for a few months but it is now official, John
and Ken reported at the 8/6 Club Meeting Billy has funded a fund that will be used to support our young riders with a
$250 grant each year to the rider the club feels best deserves it, it can be for riding skills, good sportsmanship, how well they
represent the club or any other number of factors. So all you young club members keep your eye on the prize! Thanks to Billy
for setting that up. Billy also now has his 2009 ISDE T-shirts for sale to help support his upcoming (and very expensive to do)
trip to the 2009 International Six Days Enduro in Portugal. Help Billy, buy those T-shirts...

8/10/09 New Pictures & Angies Page update from Indian Ridge Theresa and John M. sent in some pictures from Indian
last weekend and Angie has an update on the weekend including a shot of Billy taking the holeshot! See Angies Page

8/11/09 Honda Ends U.S. Motorcycle Production Autoblog reports Honda is stopping all motorcycle production in the
U.S. and all Honda motorcycles will be built at a giant plant in Japan. Also see Autoline Detroit Daily Episodes 197 & 201

8/13/09 Orange County Choppers Builds Electric Motorcycle We all love the internal combustion engine. And it has
a lot of life left in it. But the electrics are coming! Not just in cars, but motorcycles too. Wired.com has this story on the an
EV motorcycle O.C.C. built for Siemens. Sorry Harley guys, no exhaust to replace with a louder one so we can all hear
how "bad ass" you are. This follows some other electrics, including one from Mission Motors, and the EV-0 RR
announced a few months ago. And the Zero MX electric motocross bike from Zero Motorcycles, a very low noise bike.
Here is a cool video on it from Jay Leno's Garage. Remember too, electric motors have maximum torque at zero RPM,
hit the throttle and there is no wait for the engine to reach 7000 or 8000 RPM to get maximum power to the wheel...

8/22/09 JC Photography Link Added Theresa M. sent in a link to JC Photography, where many photos of club
races and members can be found. A link to that site has been added to the Links page.

8/22/09 IMPORTANT!! Just One Week To The Stateline Hosted Race!! There will be a Work Party Wednesday 8/26
at 5:30PM at Bugbee's Farm (click here for directions), another one Thursday 8/27 before the club meeting and Friday
some of the guys have taken the day off work to help get Bugbee's ready for the race and get everything set up so we
can have a great event! If you are a Club Member please come and help out. We need everybody's help & attendance.
If you have not signed up for a job yet please contact John to do so. Thank You!

9/1/09 Racy Birthday Cake In case you missed it at the 8/27 Club Meeting, everybody's favorite waitress Caressa
brought out a neat birthday cake Guiseppe's made for Scott and Marc's birthday this week. Here is a picture of it

9/2/09 Big Upset at Southwick AMA Motocross 450 After Chad Reed got cross rutted and had a bad crash 44 year old
"hometown" semi-retired John Dowd took 3rd place overall at Southwick after taking 10th in heat 1 and an amazing 2nd
place in heat 2! It was 20 years since John was on the podium at Southwick. Mathhew Goerke also had his first 1st AMA
Motocross win and won 1st place overall for the day, Matt was just hired to be a factory rider for Yamaha to finish out this
season on blue. DirtRider Blog has a story on Johns win & Pitpass has a Radio Interview with John DowdVideo Recap

9/3/09 IMPORTANT!! Clean Up Work Party!! There will be a Work Party Wednesday 9/9 at 5:30PM at Bugbee's Farm
(click here for directions) to finish cleaning up from our race last weekend. Please bring some garbage bags from home if
you can and just head out to the woods. It should not take long if we have a lot of club members come out. Thank You!

9/3/09 Pictures from Our Race at Bugbee Farm Theresa. M sent in pictures from our race last weekend at Bugbee's
Thanks to all the Club Members who worked so hard before and during our event to make it so much fun for everyone!
Thanks also to the Bugbee's for letting us use their land, the Hoosick Rescue Squad and the Town of Hoosick!

9/4/09 The Eastwick Press Does Story on Stateline Race Steve Bradley of The Eastwick Press attendend our race
and did a story on it. You can read Steve's full story here. Thank you Steve, hope you had a good time!

9/4/09 The "Club Store" is now open! You can see what items the Club has for sale to help raise funds to support our
Club & our goal to buy land someday. There's also now a new link on the main page on the menu bar above, or click here

9/11/09 Honda Annouces Fully-Automatic Dual-Clutch 6 speed Transmission for some of its' motorcycles to allow
lightning fast gear changes & fuel economy as good as or better than its' manual shift bikes. Could this be a prelude to Honda
cars with dual-clutch trannys, or even motorcross bikes? Time will tell. Honda AnnouncementVideoGizmag article.

9/11/09 Donation Button for Billy Burns ISDE Trip was add next to Billys shirt on the "Club Store" page for anyone
who wants to make an online Donation (in any amount) to help support Billy's trip to Portugal the first week in October.

9/11/09 AMA SuperCross at Toronto March 13, 2010 At the 9/10 Club Meeting John mentioned the club might try
and do a trip to Toronto 3/13/09 for the AMA SuperCross if there was enough interest, maybe even a bus trip. You will
need a Passport ($100/10 Years, $75/renewal) or Enhanced Drivers License ($30 for 8 years). Who's interested??

9/11/09 Non-Hare Scramble Pictures Added to our Photo Albums, Ken M. sent in some pictures to remind us the Club
is not just about Hare Scrambles, that we have a very diverse club. I know many of our members have more than just a few
bikes. Maybe it's time we add a section for some of the great bikes some of our members own? Get those cameras out guys
and send in some pictures of those great bikes and we'll set that up!

9/12/09 Bear Creek Sportsman Pictures Added Gary B. sent in some pictures from this vintage event. The "BC Blast"
had a Cross Country race, a Trials competition and a Motocross last weekend. Several club members participated.

10/5/09 Sad Club News for those of you who missed the last couple Club meetings, Norma Edelmann past away. She
was one of the founders of Edelmann's in 1967. The Club sent flowers.

10/5/09 JCH Photography Link added to our Links page. Jeff Hockenberry attended our race in August, and many
other NETRA races. He is looking for feedback from racers on what kind of pictures you are looking for, how his prices
are, etc. You can check out his site here.

10/5/09 Billy Burns is off to Portugal! Should be there by now. Billy wanted to thank the Club for all their support. This
web site, ISDE 2009 Live Info, should offer live updates starting on the 12th! Go Billy! The Club still has Billy's T-shirts
for sale if you want to buy one to help support him. Also still have Club T-shirts, you can buy them at the Club meetings!

10/8/09 180 Classic Motorcycles Up For Auction Ryan sent this in, thought some of the club members might want to
check it out. The Bettencourt Collection is up for auction 11/21/09 in Bridgewater, MA. Click here to go right to pictures

10/17/09 Three Sets of Pictures Added
Theresa M. sent in three great sets of pictures from Hard Knox,
Barnes Way, and Woods o Cross! Be sure to check them all out, a lot of trophy's on those pages!

10/17/09 Walt L. Picture Page Added Club member Walt L. sent in a picture and link to a story about his recent
racing adventure at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Click here so see it. Hopefully Walt will keep the pictures coming...
UPDATE 10/20: More pictures added to Walts page from Ivans in August, Claverack and Ivans last week!

10/22/09 Angie Working on New Stateline Riders Sweat Shirts Angie would like to do a limited number of nice
club sweat shirts, maybe with hoods, John has a sign-up list at the Thursday meeting. If you want one sign up!

10/22/09 Billy Returns With Silver Medal! Billy attended the Club meeting tonight to tell us about his trip to Portugal.
Billy was 2nd only to a French girl, who is actually paid to ride by the French government. It appears French socialism
knows no bounds, but Billy said she was (besides looking like model) amazing to watch ride none the less. Billy said
it was sandy and he only had a few issues with the bike, with the an exhaust pipe blow out being one. Billy thanked
everyone for their support and said he was glad to be home, and to get a cold glass of milk (he said they don't use ice
over there!) and some steaks. Billy also showed the helmet he wore which bore the Stateline Riders logo. Hopefully
we'll get some pictures from Billy to add to the web site. Billy also still has T-shirts too if you want one!

10/26/09 Ben Spies Wins FIM World Superbike Championship The three time AMA Superbike Winner won the
championship, during his 1st FIM season and while riding on race tracks he has never rode on before, he also took 11
Superpole positions and set record track times. He also delivered to Yamaha their first World Superbike Championship and
is also the first American to win the World Superbike title championship since Colin Edwards in 2002. Those of you who
followed the series on TV this year saw some amazing riding by Ben! Next year Ben moves over to MotoGP for Yamaha.
Mr. Rossi will be waiting. Should be good!!  Interview  WorldSPK,  FIM,  SuperbikePlanet,  CMGOnline,  Ben Spies

11/07/09 New "Motorcycle News" Section Added to Club Web Site In an effort to add interesting new content to the web
site the "Motorcycle News" section will highlight important or interesting stories of bikes and people from the world motorcycle
community. I know many of our members read all sorts of motorcycle publications on all aspects of motorcycling! If you see
something interesting (and it is something we can link to from here) PLEASE send it in!! This new section is an experiment.
Could be fun, but whether it stays depends if people enjoy it or not (and how much work it is for me to keep updating heehee)

11/11/09 Walt Sent In Pictures From the Joshua Fratus Memorial Ride last sunday that some of the club members attended,
and from the trail ride they did afterwards. Click here to see them

11/19/09 Walt Sent In A Couple Pictures From A Ride with some club members last sunday. Click here to see them

11/24/09 New Brand History Wikipedia Links Added to Links Page Want to know the history of your favorite brand?
Check it out. Whether you're an ol'timer or young racer its fun to read some of this history. And many of the "old" brands are
still around! Norton, Indian, Moto Guzzi, even new Maicos' can still be bought!

11/28/09 The New Stateline Raffle Tickets Are In! Win a 2010 Yamaha YZ250F OR a $5000.00 Credit towards ANY
motorcycle or ATV Troy City Garage sells (Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha). Click here for more info in the Club Store

12/01/09 Dillan Garmley Interview Posted on STS-Motorsports! Click here to read

12/04/09 Billy B. and Dillan G. on Husaberg 390's Next Year from Tims dealership, John announced at the 12/3 meeting.

12/11/09 REMINDER: If you are going on the Toronto SuperCross Trip please get your $50/per seat deposits into John now.
Also, if you need to get a Passport or EDL for the trip now is the time to be doing that... Trip Information Page

(add $50 if you don't buy or sell a Raffle Ticket!)
Renewal, update and new membership application form can be found on this page

12/12/09 2010 Stateline Riders Hosted Races Date Set John announced at the 12/10 meeting our club hosted races with be on
September 4th (PeeWee) and 5th (Hare Scramble). This is Labor Day weekend so we will have the following Monday off. This
also puts our races between the Southwick AMA National (8/28) and the Unidilla GNCC National (9/12). Our race will also be after
a three week break in NETRA racing. Paul C. will be our Hare Scamble Trail Boss and Jamie J. our Jr. Hare Scramble Trail Boss.

12/12/09 NETRA Sanctioning Meeting Update At the 12/10 meeting John announced that he, Paul, Eric, & Dave attended
the NETRA Sanctioning Meeting 12/6 and gave a summary of some of the changes for 2010:
- Protective Equipment will be Mandatory for Kids under 17 (chest protector, knee pads & elbow pads): Kids can be disqualified
and ejected from the race without them.
- Sound Testing: Clubs will be responsible for sound testing. $250 fine (or a loss of scheduling rights if that is unpaid) if a club is
found not in compliance with doing a proper sound check in 2010.
- Enduro Class now combines Light Weight & Bantam Class
- In Enduro & Hare Scrambles there now is a different Super Seniors Class, a C-Class and Combo A/B Class
- If any club does not now submit their paperwork (race results) within 6 days of their race that club will be fined $250 (and if
the fine is not paid the club will lose its' date the following year)
- All kids class winners (Girls, Minis, Big Wheel, in both Enduro & Hare Scramble) will now receive trophies (that ones for Dillan!)
- Points will now be paid back to 20th place in all classes. So if you finish 11th you will still get points
- NETRA will now limit the number of events to 16. And each club can now only hold a single race (i.e. a club can't have
two enduro or two hare scramble races)
- Best Events of the Year Award has been reinstated (for Hare Scramble, Enduro, Jr. Enduro & Turkey Run)

12/18/09 Johns Forty-something Birthday Cake At the 12/17 Club Christmas Party Caressa brought out a birthday cake for our
Club President John. Gee, that looks like Johns Yamaha, but I don't think that is John face down in the mud, I don't think he wears a
yellow helmet. But take a look and judge for yourself...I DO know he will be ticked off at who ever left that hay bail in the trail though!

12/19/09 Club Member Walt L. On Pawn Stars TV Show Walt was on the History Channel show selling a motorcycle (this Hayabusa).
For the schedule of when the "Steaks at Stake" episode will be aired click here! Lets hope Walt got a good price!

12/20/09 Stateline Riders Christmas Party Pictures Added from our 12/17 Club Christmas Party at Guiseppe's. Thanks to
Caressa for borrowing Jeffs W.'s camera and making a round around the party. She got most of us click here to see

Old Events 2009...

- Complete 2009 NETRA Schedule click here

- June 1 to 6 Americade at Lake George. Most manufactures will have demo rides. Got an email saying
Kawasaki will be at the Roaring Brook Ranch this year. Get all the info on the Americade web site.

- June 7th (Sunday) Ken McGuire has his 250cc (and smaller only!) ride over to the Jim Hoellerich Vintage
Trail Bike Museum
in Chesire, MA. Jim has over 100 vintage motorcycles. 10AM open house. Great
motorcycle history right in our own back yard! Contact Ken at the Thursday Club meeting for more information.

- June 12 to 14 Rhinebeck National Meet at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck. The
Antique Motorcycle Club of America will be there and the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club will be returning this
year again as well. Walneck's Classic Cycle Trader will be there also. See the Rhinebeck National Meet web site for
directions and full schedule of events.

- June 27 & 28 (Changed...again!) The Club Field Meet will be at the Squaw Valley field click here for Directions
Saturday is a new rider clinic. They'll be some other fun stuff like wheelie contest & drag races. Sunday we'll have food.
People are asked to bring covered dishes Sunday.
SWAP MEET: At the 6/4 Club meeting it was decided people
could bring their old bikes and items to sell, so feel free to bring your items to sell. We should have a table for that.
DEMO RIDES: Tim Edelmann will have the new Husabergs there Saturday 10AM to 1PM for test rides!!
Note: While the Field Meet is open to the public and non-members are welcome and invited to come, Saturday is more
for club members and friends of club members.
Sunday is the main event day anyway and a better day for non-members
and the general public who would like to attend.

(We did have the dates here originally as June 27/28, then June 20/21....it is June 27/28, and that is final!)

- July 4th Paul & Angies House Party
Paul says all club members are invited

- July 18 (Saturday) Edelmann's Customer Appreciation Day "Edelmann's Polaris & Husaberg would like to invite you to
join them for a day of riding your ATV, Ranger or Dirtbike at a new LEGAL riding area just 20 minutes from Albany, NY.
Please bring your ATV, bike, or side x side for a full day of riding and fun. We will also have some new Polaris ATV's and
Husaberg dirtbikes available for test rides." Lunch is even included and there is no cost you. Click here to see or print flyer
For directions, RSVP to the Want Ad Digest at 800-836-0312

- July 18 & 19 at Highgate, VT & July 25 & 26 at Cayuta, NY the AMA-NATC Trials Championship Series
have Observed Trials events. For additional information and directions click here.  (More Highgate info Link1 & Link2)

- July 19 Local Motorcycle Rider (& MSF Instructor) Martin Kaiser from Eagle Mills doing "Ride for Kids" in Utica
to raise money for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. You can donate to Martin online here or mail a check made out to the
"PBTF" to Martin Kaiser; 398 Moonlawn Road; Troy, New York 12180-6975 (he'll pick up a check too if you call him). If you
want to go on the ride with Martin the entry fee is $35. Email Martin at mkaiser@nycap.rr.com or call him at 518-279-4108 for
more information. There is another "Ride for Kids" in Central Valley, NY 8/2. History of Ride for Kids

- August 1 & 2 The Clubs Two Day Trail Ride at Ivans' farm in Manchester, VT. See John at the Thursday club
meeting for more information. UPDATE: at the 7/2 meeting Ivan announced he is going to try and get a trail over
to Paul Stannard's Strictly Hodaka in Sandgate, VT Sunday 8/2 and Paul will open up his Hodaka Museum for us.
UPDATE: At the 7/23 meeting Ivan said the Saturday ride will be at 2 PM, the Sunday ride 9 AM. Click here for directions

- August 1 (Saturday) Ryan & Courtney Run '09
6th Annual Memorial Motorcycle Run for Ryan & Courtney.
Proceeds from the motorcycle run are used to help local high school students pay for college level courses while they
are still attending high school. Starts at Gardener's Ice Cream & Coffee Shoppe Rt 22 & Rt 43 Stephentown. Registration
starts at 9AM, 100 mile run leaves at 11AM and ends at Stephentown Fireman's Pavilion (Rain Date is August 2nd).
$25 Donation includes the Run and entry to win a Lawn Tractor & Trailer. Burgers & Dogs Lunch@1PM, Pork Dinner 4PM
Tickets: Gardener's Ice Cream 518-733-6700. Click here for flyer

- August 2 (Sunday) 6th Annual Hoosac Valley Motorcycle Club Poker Run Road Run:
Starts at HVMC Clubhouse
(63 Alger St; Adams, MA)@10-11AM. Finish at CJ's Sports Bar; Pleasant St. Look for arrows off Rt 8. Call Mike 413-684-0428

Dirt Run: Arrowed loop to be run in laps. Start @ Rt 2, Florida/N. Adams town line (look for arrows). Sign up 9-10AM. Start
at 10:15AM sharp. Call Terry 413-743-2199. Both runs are $10 a hand with a "Payout to 3 places". 50/50 Raffle, Prizes, Food.
See Marc B. at the Thursday meeting for more information and/or Click here to see or print flyer

- August 2 (Sunday) 21st Annual Kris Amorosi Memorial Bingo Run hosted by the Adirondack Riders. Sign-in is 10AM to
Noon at the McDonald's at Exit 18 off I-87 (Northway). $12 donation includes lunch. For more info click here for flyer
or here for web site.

- August 20-23 Want Ad Digest Annual Northeast Trail Riders Expo Swap Meet at the Indian Lookout Country Club
20 min. west of Albany (in Mariaville, NY). Buy, sell or trade off-road items and Dirt Bikes & ATV's. General Admission $5.00.
For full information click here. For video highlights from Trail Rex 2008 click here.

- August 22 (Saturday) Tri-State Poker Run To Benefit Fisher House "Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association - Veterans
Helping Veterans". At the Sullivan-Jones VFW Post; 25 Veterans Street; Poestenkill, NY. $25 entry fee, $15 per passenger. Bikes
depart 10AM-12PM. Call Kevin 518-857-2316 (email: kevindougherty34@yahoo.com) for more information. Click here for flyer

- August 23rd (Sunday) 3rd Annual Revival Ride, Car and Truck Show "An escorted motorcycle tour of the Berkshires
followed by a bike, truck and car show. All are welcome. Proceeds go to the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry". Registration
at 10AM. Location: Christian Assembly Church, 850 Williams Street, Pittsfield, MA. Click here for more info

- August 29 & 30 Stateline Riders Hosts Our Annual Club NETRA Events
at Bugbee's Farm in Hoosick, NY
    8/29 Pee Wee Scrambles and NETRA Championship Jr. Enduro
    8/30 NETRA Championship Hare Scrambles
    - Ryan B. sent in the the Stateline Race Flyer for our 2009 event: click here for JPEG version, here for PDF
    - At the 7/23 Club Meeting John said he spoke with the Hoosick Rescue Squad and they will be covering our two day event.
    - Paul C. is in charge of Parking, and promises an exciting parking experience, despite the small budget John gave him
    - Mike & Justin C. are in charge of the food this year, and have added sausage, peppers & onions to the menu! Breakfast too.
Click here for Directions   ....additional information to be posted here as we have it.

- September 4th to 7th Americade is doing their "Rolling Through Vermont" event for the first 300 to sign up.
UPDATE 7/24: The cut off for registration is now August 1st (or when 300 sign up). Click here for more information

- September 12th 2nd Annual Fall Harvest Ride To benefit the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York
Registration begins at 9:30am at 965 Albany-Shaker Rd; Latham, NY (518-786-3691). Ride begins promptly at 11am.
2-3 hour scenic ride, BBQ, music, raffle, stunt bike show click here for flyer, or here for PDF registration brochure

- September 27th (Sunday) Irish Riders Motorcycle Club's Annual Kristin Hynes Memorial Ride for the
Wounded Warrior Project
to raise money for severely injured men and women of our armed forces who were
injured in combat to help assist them. Click here for JPEG of flyer or here for PDF of flyer

- October 10th & 11th CATRA Trial Event in Northville, NY There is no information on the CATRA site (which looks
to be 18 months out of date) but New England Trials has a phone number on their web site if you need more information.
Their annual trials banquit is also seems to be coming up. Contact John H. at the Club meeting for more information.

- October 11th First Annual Rally for Ali "Picnic for a Cause" at Krause's Grove in Half Moon with a motorcycle
ride around Tomhannock Reservoir in honor of Ali Urzan to help find a cure for diabetes. $30/adult, $20/children.
All donations go to Harvard Stem Cell Institute. Click here for flyer and full information. Here for web page

- October 17th (Saturday) Mohawk Pee Wee Hare Scramble and Nervous Novice Kids Ride near Brodie Mountain.
Contact Marc B. at the Club meeting for additional information.

- October 24th (Saturday) Edelmann's Annual Open House "9am-3pm. We will have door prizes, refreshments,
and big savings throughout the store." Click here for flyer

- October 31 (Saturday Night) Big Halloween Party at Guiseppe's ...Boo!! Paul Campbells band will be playing.

- November 7th (Saturday) Pit Bike Party at Paul and Angies Club members are invited. The front field will be open
for campers and Paul promised some rocks for you Trials riders to play on. Please bring a covered dish and be prepared to
make a small donation towards the beer. It wasn't the Beer Fairy who brought the 20+ cases that got drunk last year!
The Hoot Owls will be there too. See Paul or Angie at the Thursday meeting for more information.

- November 8th (Sunday) Josh Fratus Memorial Ride $25 for Ride & Cookout, with family & friends putting the money
into a Scholarship in Josh's name. 15 year old Josh was killed in a car accident Sept. 17th. Ivan offered that any Club
members who want to do the ride can meet at Ivans house 10AM, go register and do the ride which ends in Danby, then
leave Danby and also do a trail ride Sunday. There are some pages on FaceBook if you go there & do a search on Josh's name.

- November 21st (Saturday) The Bettencourt Collection Auction in Bridgewater, MA. 180 classic bikes.  info  pictures

- November 21st (Saturday) Arenacross, Times Union Center in Albany
Click here for more information

- November 22st (Sunday) Dan Salomone Memorial Enduro Ride in Chester, CT hosted by the "Salmon River County
Riders". Dan was a KTM rep and more recently worked for Aprilia, he was also involved in NETRA and also worked to keep
trails open in Connecticut. Contact Ryan B. or click here for more info.

- December 6th (Sunday) NETRA Sanctioning Meeting Get your suggestions into John now. more info

- December 12th (Saturday) Hoot Owls 15th Annual Christmas Party Stateline Riders Club Members have been
invited to the Hoot Owl Christmas Party. See Paul at the Thursday meeting for more information.

- December 17th (Thursday) Stateline Riders Christmas Party at Guiseppe's
(there will be no meeting 12/24)
     Note the meeting will start at 7PM this night so we can take care of business before the party.

- December 19th (Saturday Night) Toys For Tots Benefit at Guiseppe's Please make a $5.00 donation or toy donation.
Toys can be dropped off anytime. Three bands will be playing. Paul Campbells band will be there. Bands start at 10PM.

- December 31st (Thursday, New Years Eve 8PM) "Blue Moon Party" put on by Angie & Sue. click here for flyer & info!

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