Old Club News 2010...                                                                                    Old News & Events 2009

01/08/10 Complete 2010 NETRA Schedule Added to Club Web Site after some effort to get the official "NETRA Pocket
Schedule" on one easy-to-read page using PhotoShop, the 2010 schedule is now on our web site, see the link at the top of
page or click here to see it. The first NETRA race of 2010 is in just a few days!!

01/08/10 Possible Land For The Club To Use At the 1/7 Club Meeting Kevin H. reported he was talking to someone
about the possible use of up to 700 acres of their land, perhaps by the Club leasing it....stay tuned!! We'll have more here
on it when/if it develops...

01/08/10 State Line Riders Motorcycle Club 2010 Officers Elected
at the 1/7 Club Meeting. The Officers are as follows:
President: John McIntyre; Vice-President: David Prouty; Treasurer: Jamie Johnson; Secretary: Brennan Holland;
Serjeant-at-Arms: Paul Cummings; Webmaster: Jeffrey Woodin (myself)...in fact I'd like to give my acceptance speech
now; ...grab a cup of coffee, this might be long ....but I'll try and keep it under 800 words :) ....just kidding. Seriously, for
myself, thank you. And if I am allowed some personal space on this page, I'll tell you I actually enjoy doing the web site for
the club and hope people enjoy reading it, but I am just the middle man here, the web site is about our club, our members
and our shared love of and passion for motorcycles. But as long as the club wants me to do it, I will. As always, feedback
and suggestions to make it better are always welcome...

01/18/10 IMPORTANT: At the 1/14 club meeting Ivan brought up an issue that he feels concerns the voting process the club
had on 1/7 for our 2010 officers. His concern is whether "minors" should be allowed to vote in the club. While the current
by-laws do not restrict who can vote by age, in previous years Ivan said he recalled they were not allowed to. So in the coming
weeks please attend the weekly meetings to hear all the points of view on this. There are many. And, if you wish, give your input
on what the club should do in the future. This also leads to several other issues (that are no one particular persons fault) that the
club should probably look to resolve before our next election. From when nominations should be in by, to making sure the
candidates have both the time and way to tell the club what they stand for and want to do. It appears that, the election process
that worked for the club 1 year or 5 years ago, or even 20 years ago, may not be what works best going forward. Hind sight is
always 20/20. There are probably several things that the people involved (all good people by the way) and the club might have
done different to avoid the situation that resulted. Unfortunately we can not now turn the clock back to November. But we can
work to make changes that may or may not need to be made. The next meeting is Thursday.

01/22/10 First 2010 Angie Page Update!!
Those of you who were paying attention to the 2010 NETRA schedule know that the first
NETRA race of 2010 happend on 1/10....and Angie has the 1st of many 2010 updates for us on Angies' Page so be sure to check it out!

01/30/10 People Going on the SuperCross Bus Trip Please Get Your Payments In! If you are going on the Toronto SuperCross
trip please get John the balance you owe, or the entire amount if you did not give John your $50/seat deposit. The total is $110/per seat
($70/bus seat & $40/SuperCross seat). If you have not reserved your hotel room please do that as well before 2/13!
see trip information on this page

01/30/10 Club By-Law Review & Amendment Process Has Begun If you would like to participate please visit this web page
and/or the "2010 Club By-Law Review & Amendment Forum" that is now on the clubs online forum!

01/30/10 Angies' Club Sweat Shirts Are In!! If you ordered one please see Angie at the Thursday meeting. They are $21.50 each.
If you did not order one but would like one Angie order about 15 extra, so see her soon if you want one!

01/30/10 2010 Banquet Dinner Tickets Now Available!! You can buy them at the Thursday club meeting. Banquet includes a
family style roast beef dinner, band, door prizes and raffle drawings. Dinner Tickets are $25/Adult & $20/Child.

02/03/10 AMA Action Alert "President's Budget Proposal Would Slash Trail Funding" Gary sent this in, to take
action go to this web page and at the bottom you can enter your Zip code to contact elected officials with an email or letter.

02/05/10 Cool Trials Video Since we have many good trials riders in the club (many with the trophies to prove it) here is a
neat video that was mailed out to the Albany Irish Riders email list this week, many in our club might also enjoy it Trials Video

02/05/10 Billys ISDE Silver Medal At the 2/4 club meeting Billy & Ryan discussed their trip to the National Enduro in Sumter, SC
to race last week (in A-Open), Billy also brought in his silver medal from the Portugal ISDE, if you missed it click here to see it.

02/23/10 Electric Bikes Coming to NETRA At the 2/18 Club Meeting John M. told how they had some electric motorcycles at
the NETRA Banquet and how Austin Oral was going to race on one this year. John sent these videos in too  Video 1  Video 2

02/26/10 Opee the Dog Motocross Racer Brennen found this interesting story in The Philadelphia Inquirer about this
motocross racer and his co-pilot Opee...who is a dog! click here to see the story

03/06/10 - Sue Still Needs Used Spockets & Chains for her projects. At the 3/4 club meeting Sue told the club she and the
kids are still doing their projects (like these), so if if you have old motorcycle parts please help Sue and the kids out!

03/15/10 - State Line Banquet Pictures Posted Theresa M. sent in some pictures from out annual banquet 2/27! see them here

03/15/10 - State Line SuperCross Bus Trip Pictures Posted Jeff W.'s pics from our Toronto trip 3/13 now online! see them here
UPDATE 4/5: Additional pics sent in by Theresa M. added click here to see them

04/10/10 - Vintage Class ('74 & older) & Post Vintage Class ('75 to '81) Race It was brought up at the club meeting
Billy Burns would like to do a vintage race at our Hare Scramble race this year (Sept. 4-5), and the club will work on it.
04/10/10 - State Line Riders Grand Tour 2010 This is something fun for our guys and gals with road bikes. We are
looking for at least 10 riders to sign up. What is it? Why would it be fun? click here to find out

04/13/10 - The Clubs Favorite Waitress Having Big Birthday Party at Guiseppes. You know who is turning 30, and
there is going to be a party for her, complete with a band 4/24 (Saturday). I am sure (nice) gifts would be welcome.

04/22/10 - State Line Riders Grand Tour 2010 web page added last week. We are looking for at least 10 riders to
sign up! click here for full information

04/22/10 - State Line Riders / Hoosac Valley Motorcycle Club 2-Day Dual-Sport web page was added several days
ago click here for full information and event flyer. Contact Marc at the Thursday meeting for more information.

04/25/10 Motorcycle Radio Network Links Added In case you missed it on the Links page, we added a link to
the Motorcycle Radio Network a few weeks ago, listen online to new (and old) shows every few days, or use your iPod.

05/06/10 Club Land Update
at the 4/29 club meeting Dave reported that he & some of the club members had visited
the 180 acres off Babcock Lake Road and it looked pretty good, with even some areas our trials riders might like. The club
will set a date, probably Sunday 5/23, where more club members could see and ride the land and can meet the landowner,
and he can meet us. Maybe even do a barbecue or cookout that day. Then the club and land owner can then discuss the
club possibly leasing the land.

05/12/10 Angies Page Update Check out Angies latest update from Rock Maple Farms here!

05/11/10 Motorcycle Museum Section added to Links Page Links for the "Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum" in
Birmingham, Alabama and the "Wheels Through Time" museum of American vintage motorcycles (w/many videos) in
Maggie Valley, NC added to Links page. Check them out. Have any suggestions for others to add? Send them in...

05/17/10 Trailer Boyz Ad Brennan sent in this humorous ad. You decide if it's real or not...

05/17/10 Pictures from Rock Maple Farm in Eastford, CT May 9th sent in by Theresa M. see them here!

05/19/10 Angies Page Update Check out Angies latest update from the CATRA Black Fly here!
Here are some YouTube videos someone also posted from this event video1  video2  video3

05/22/10 Pictures from CATRA Black Fly in Fish House, NY May 16th sent in by Theresa M. see them here!

05/29/10 State Line Riders / Hoosac Valley Motorcycle Club 2-Day Dual Sport Registration Form is now online!
If you are doing the ride please register early so we can get a good head count. Just print & Fax the form on this page

05/29/10 State Line Riders Riding Land Our meet at Mikes land in Grafton last Sunday went pretty well and we had
about 40 people turn out to see it & ride it. Everyone is pretty positive it seems. But if you want to see the land and did
not make it last Sunday contact John M. In the next few weeks the club will be discussing leasing the land and probably
voting on it. So come to the Thursday meetings and be heard if you have thoughts and/or opinions on it.

06/08/10 Billy Burns Going to 2010 ISDE in Mexico This Year John reported that Billy is going to the ISDE again
this year, and that it will me held in Mexico. Support Billy if you can with a donation or T-shirt purchase!

06/08/10 State Line Riders Trailer Work Last Saturday John and Kevin worked on the club trailer and cooker to
get them ready for our Field Meet June 26-27 at the Squaw Valley field. Here are a few pics Theresa sent in

06/08/10 State Line Rider Land Lease The discussion continues at the clubs Thursday meetings about our possible
land lease. If you want to have input on the future of club membership dues, or have ideas on the best way the
club should pay for the lease please come to the next meeting. A sample lease and information on insurance was
also available for inspection at last Thursdays meeting. This week (6/10) we should have a guy there who helps
other clubs do land leases. Get your questions ready and get informed. The club may have a vote on the lease and
releated issues in the next two weeks.

06/12/10 "Rensselaer Plateau" Plan by the NY DEC At the 6/3 meeting Kevin brought to the clubs attention plans
by the DEC to get more control of what is being called the "Rensselaer Plateau", which could affect land in Grafton and
Pittstown the club uses (and has used responsibly for over 25 years). I have created an information page on this with
news stories, links and DEC information here. Please check it out, and lets stay informed on this one!
UPDATE 6/24 Stories Added: Grafton Town Board Action – Board Votes Not To Support Forest Legacy Designation

06/13/10 Club Member Jeremy Holeshots Mike Alessi Tim E. sent in a picture of Jeremy on the track with
AMA Pro rider Mike Alessi from the Husaberg/KTM dealer meeting. You can see it here. Tim also sent in this
link to a funny KTM "Braaap" video.
06/14/10 Pictures of Billy Burns Qualifying for ISDE in Missouri Walt sent in some pictures of Billy in Park Hill,
Missouri qualifying last month for, and now part of, Team USA headed to the 2010 ISDE in Mexico, see the pics here

06/14/10 MotoCzysz Links Added to Links Page If you missed it, Michael Czysz is the inventor of the "MotoCzysz C1",
with it's revolutionary (very narrow) twin counter-rotating crankshaft engine (the two contra-rotating crankshafts cancel out
each other's torque and gyroscopic forces), innovative and "game changing" rear suspension and front forks, and a slipper
clutch with twin clutches (among other innovations). He is also the developer of the "MotoCzysz E1" that just won the
TT Zero electric motorcycle race
on the Isle of Man (see MotoCzysz links in Motorcycle News). Who says Americans can't
do leading edge motorcycle design??  MotoCzysz E1 Link1  MotoCzysz E1 Link2

06/16/10 Raymertown Garage For Sale Tom Grant, former club president and one of the clubs founding members, is
looking to sell his motorcycle/car repair shop on Rt 7 in, of course, Raymertown. If you are looking to get in the
repair/service business or know someone who might be, give Tom a call at Raymertown Garage.

07/15/10 State Line Riders Field Meet Photos Added Pictures Theresa sent in added to Photo Albums. See them here
More pictures and even videos from Jeff coming shortly!!

07/15/10 Angie Has An Update! Check it out here!

07/15/10 Tuesday Work Parties at Potter Hill Field The club is having work parties at the Potter Hill field Tuesdays
at 5:30PM to get it ready for our upcoming race. Contact Paul or John at the Thursday meeting for more info. Work parties
may be canceled because of bad weather or heat.

07/16/10 Trip to New Jersey Motorsports Park At the 7/15 meeting Nick announced that he is putting a trip together
for Sept. 26-27 to New Jersey Motorsports Park. He is looking to get at least 6 riders to go. The cost will be $375, plus the
cost of your hotel room. The price for the track gets you riding on the race track for 20 minute sessions every hour, for
8 hours each day. Nick is planning on trailering his bike, and may have one or two spots available on his trailer. For more
info call Nick @ 518-209-2226 or email him at ggrmasterson@gmail.com

07/25/10 More Pictures Pictures Jeffs pictures from the Field Meet are now on the photos page from that event
and Theresa sent in pictures from CT State race see them here. Videos from the Field Meet still coming soon, trying
to set this up right, not fast, so in the future we can get new videos up on the site quickly...

07/31/10 Chicken BBQ Dinner Tickets Now Available Tickets for the Chicken BBQ the club is having Sept. 4th
during the clubs hosted NETRA race at Potter Hill are now available. Tickets are just $12 each but must be bought
in advance of the race so the guy we are having BBQ the chickens knows how many to buy. Contact John at the
Thursday meeting or by phone (518-235-5917) to buy or reserve your tickets today!

07/31/10 Indian Ridge Report Theresa sent in pictures from Indian Ridge and Angie has a report on the 7/25 race
on Angies Page...thank you ladies!!

08/12/10 Angie Has An Update on Angies Page! About the Rocky Mountain race in Alton, NH  check it out here

8/15/10 East Greenbush police officer killed in motorcycle accident ...while participating in a charity motorcycle
run for combat veterans today, at this ride it would appear.   WRGB article   Troy Record article

8/29/10 Bib Mousses on Sale Tim says he has all sizes of Bib Mousses on sale until the end of the month for $110...

9/8/10 Walts New Pics Walt sent in some new pictures from the Sunday ride at Ivans a few weeks ago! click here to see them

9/8/10 Tanner Wolfrum is #1!! John announced at the 9/2 club meeting that Tanner is the current East Coast Youth Hare
Scramble leader! Way to go Tanner! Carissa even brought out a cake to celebrate.

9/9/10 Pictures from Rocky Mountain Added Theresa sent in pics!  click here to see them

9/9/10 Angie has an Update about the State Line Race last weekend!  click here to read

9/10/10 Pictures from the State Line Riders Potter Hill Race Event Added To see pictures Jeff took click here
UPDATE: More pictures added later today from Nate, a visitor to our event who took some nice pics!
UPDATE 9/12: More pics from Nate and Theresa sent in more pics that she took! click here to see them

9/16/10 Edelmann Sales Now A KTM Dealer Tim has announced that as of 9/15/10 he is now a KTM dealer!

9/19/10 Picture From the All Brand Vintage Ride sent in by Gary!  see it here

9/24/10 Angie Has An Update From Hard Knox!  read it here

9/24/10 Guiseppe's 10th Anniversary Party Saturday Night 9/25 Three Bands, No Cover. Starts at 6PM
More info on Guiesppe's Facebook event page.

9/30/10 SuperCross Bus Trip in March Over the past few weeks at the thursday meetings John has brought up the idea
of doing another trip to the Toronto SuperCross (it's March 26th, 2011). Think about it, as we will need to line up the bus
and hotel rooms soon if we decide to go again. Everyone seemed to enjoy this years trip, here are a few pics from that

10/7/10 Two Birthdays and Cake At the 9/30 club meeting Carissa brought out a cake for Ty Kipp (16) & Dillan Garmley (17).
If you missed it click here to see it. Another reason not to miss a club meeting, the chance to get some tasty (free) cake!! ;)

10/7/10 Motorcycles Stolen in Bennington! Another case of motorcycle theft in Bennington. Club member Frank Griffis
had three bikes stolen a couple weeks ago, a 2008 KTM XCW (Serial #VBKXWH2398M108543), a 2003 Kawasaki KX125
and a 1998 Honda CR80. Hope to have pics on here soon. If you have any information about the low life creeps who stole
them please contact Frank at 802-442-6111 or email frankgriffis@hotmail.com

10/15/10 Stolen Bikes Page Added We have added a page to the club web site for stolen bikes. If you know of a stolen bike
please send it in & it will stay on there until recovered. There's a permanent link to this page now in the "Items For Sale" section.

10/21/10 Edelmanns To Have Open House Saturday October 30th 9AM-3PM click here for flyer

10/28/10 Billy Burns Off To Mexico At the 10/21 club meeting Billy said he was getting ready to go to the 2010 ISDE
in Mexico. Everyone wished him luck in the International Six Days Enduro which runs November 1-6...and a safe
return from Mexico! Billy may still have shirts available if you want to help support his racing efforts!
UPDATE 11/8: click here to see the 2010 ISDE results (then click on the Day 1-6)

11/09/10 Billy Unpacking in Mexico Walt found a picture of what appears to be Billy in Mexico, unpacking! Thanks Walt!
UPDATE: 11/10: Walt sent in a 2nd picture of Billy, racing in Mexico 11/3. Click the link above to see both.

11/11/10 AMA Action Alert - Change the Law to Exclude Youth-Model Motorcycles and ATVs! Tim E. sent in a
reminder and info from the AMA that the dumb Federal law regarding motorcycles and ATV's for kids still needs to be
changed! Please go to one of these links and contact your elected official. It is very easy to do: Link1   Link2   ...thanks Tim!

11/14/10 Billy Gets a Gold Medal in Mexico! At the 11/11 club meeting John reported Billy got a Gold Medal at the
ISDE in Mexico and that Billy got home safely from the trip. Hopefully we'll hear more about the trip/race soon...

11/16/10 2011 Toronto SuperCross Bus Trip Page Added The club is looking for 48 people who want to go to the 2011
Toronto SuperCross March 26th. We currently have about 15 to 20 interested. We had a great trip last March to the 2010
Toronto SuperCross. Click on the banner above or click here for bus trip information & good group rates. Sign up soon!!

11/16/10 "Motorcycle News" Now Has Its' Own Page The popular Motorcycle News section of the site has now been
moved to its' own page. Just click on the "Motorcycle News Page" banner at the top of this page to be taken to the
Motorcycle News Page for your regular fix of cool new (and some old) bikes and stories from the world of motorcycles!

11/16/10 Clubs New Facebook Page You regulars to the web site may have noticed some changes. The club now has a
Facebook page, click on banner above to get to it. Then click on the "Like" button to get updates sent to your Facebook page!
And remember, club members can post to the clubs Facebook Wall anytime, and please do so! It's another way club members
can communicate and discuss things. Alison also promises to be a regular poster, so watch for comments & news from her! :)

11/29/10 Pictures From Hard Knox Race Added! Theresa sent in pics, see them here!

11/29/10 Pictures From Cripple Creek Added! Theresa sent in more pics! See them here. Thanks Theresa!

11/30/10 Ryan B. Does Test Ride for Trail Rider Magazine Tim sent this in, Ryan rides an '11 Husaberg FE450 video here

12/05/10 Tanner Wolfrum Brings It Home From Las Vegas! At the 12/2 club meeting Tanner showed the #1 plate and
trophy he got during his trip to the 2010 AMA Racing Championship Awards Banquet in Las Vegas. Great job Tanner!
click here to see it

12/08/10 Club Officer Nominations At the 12/2 club meeting we took nominations for club officers and will do so for the
next couple weeks. Come talk to the people running if you have questions or concerns. Elections are first week in January.

12/08/10 Motorcycle News Page Updated! New motorcycles, stories and videos see them here

12/08/10 Angies Page Has An Update! see it here

12/23/10 Jim Hoellerich Vintage Trail Bike Museum John H. is looking to do a trip over to the Jim Hoellerich Vintage
Trail Bike Museum
in Chesire, MA in February. Jim has over 100 vintage motorcycles. Check back here for updates

12/23/10 Edelmanns Adds New Gear Edelmanns now carries Sidi boots and Klim gear

12/31/10 State Line Riders 2010 Christmas Party Pictures can be seen here. Thanks Caressa, Gary and Jeff!

Old Events 2010...

- January 16-17 Nuclear Cowboyz at the TG Garden, Boston web site, or click here for sneak peak video

- January 22-24 Cycle World International Motorcycle Show at the Javits Center NY, NY more information

- January 30th (Saturday) Annual NETRA Banquet 
click here for more information

- February 20th (Saturday) - ICE Racing Championships at the Glens Falls Civic Center
Motorcycles (and ATVs) on Ice!
The Glens Falls Civic Center is hosting World Championship Ice Racing on Saturday, Feb 20th, at 8pm. more info

- February 26th (Friday) - March 7th (Sunday) Daytona Bike Week (Really 10 days) click here for more info

- February 27th (Saturday Evening) Annual State Line Riders Motorcycle Club Banquet at Pittstown Volunteer building
Banquet starts at 6:00pm with dinner at 7:00pm. Roast Beef Dinner, Band, Door Prizes... Tickets are $25/adults and $20/kids.

- March 13th & 14th SuperCross Bus Trip!! The Club has put together a bus trip to the Monster Energy SuperCross
Event at the Rogers Centre in Toronto March 13, 2010. The Club now has 48 SuperCross tickets & rooms at
the Hilton Garden!    Click here for full trip information, sign-up before all the tickets are sold!

- April 9-11 (Friday-Sunday) NETRA Youth Camp 2010 The Nutmeg Scramblers will be hosting a two-day youth camp.
Rider applications and medical forms are due by March 1st.  click here for more information

- May 15th (Saturday) Freestyle Motocross Demo
at O's Eatery American Diner at 309 Rigor Road, Chatham, NY
(directly off the Taconic Parkway) to benefit the Children's Miracle League      click here for event flyer

- May 15th (Saturday) "The Miracle Ride" 4th Annual Rossman Memorial Poker Run
100 Mile scenic road course
through Rensselaer, Columbia & Berkshire counties, Prizes, Food, Raffles, Live Music, 2 motorcycle stunt shows,
Best Bike Contest.  click here for flyer or click here for Capital Region Miracle League registration forms

- May 16th (Sunday) Woodstock Poker Run   click here for flyer

- May 17th (Monday) ABATE of New York "Ride to the Capitol" in Albany   Freedom Rally flyer   web site

- May 23rd (Sunday) Club Meet at Land on Babcock Lake Road, Grafton to check out 180 acres club may lease.
Babcock Lake Road runs from about 1 mile east of Grafton on Rt 2 to about 2 miles east of Guiseppe's on Rt 7.
This is for Club members only. Additional info in the Club News. The meet is around 10AM, about 4 miles in
from Rt 7, on left. Look for Arrows on Babcock Lake Road. Drive slow as you enter property as there are kids around.

- June 7-12 (Monday-Saturday) Americade
at Lake George, NY click here for more info

- June 11-13 (Friday-Sunday) Rhinebeck Grand National Meet
at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck.
Antique motorcycles & a lot more. The Vintage Japanese Motorcyle Club will be there again this year, along with
many others and vendors. See the Rhinebeck National Meet web site for directions and full schedule of events.

- June 19-20 (Saturday-Sunday) State Line Riders / Hoosac Valley Motorcycle Club 2-Day Duel-Sport Event

See Marc at the Thurs. meetings or for more information click here for event information page & flyer.

- June 19 (Saturday) Bridgerunners Motorcycle Club Block Party Got this one in the email folks, bit of a ride,
but if you're up for a ride to NYC (Brooklyn) check out the flyer

- June 19-20 (Saturday-Sunday) NATC Trials Championship Series (Rounds 3 & 4) at Exeter, RI

- June 26-27 (Saturday-Sunday) State Line Riders Field Meet Weekend At the at the Squaw Valley field

- June 26-27 (Saturday-Sunday) NATC Trials Championship Series (Rounds 5 & 6) at Cayuta, NY

- July 8-10 (Thurs-Saturday) New York State HOG Rally, at Syracuse (Register by 5/20). YNN TV news story on event

- July 11 (Sunday) 15th Anniversary of Jimmy's Ride click here for flyer

- July 17 (Saturday) Ride To Benefit St. Jude's Starts at Polish American Citizen's Club; 110 Commerce Ave; Albany, NY
Registration 9-11am, Depart@Noon, Ride to/from Thacher Park. Afternoon of music, games, raffles, food, $20, Rain or Shine

- July 18 (Sunday) Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Utica Ride For Kids

- August 1 (Sunday) Adirondack Riders Annual Bingo Run This year to benefit 7 year old Bella  flyer   web page

- August 1 (Sunday) Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Hudson Valley Ride For Kids

- August 7 (Saturday) Ryan & Courtney Run '10 7th Annual Memorial Motorcycle Run for Ryan & Courtney flyer

- August 8 (Sunday) Irish Riders Motorcycle Club "Off-Road for Dummies Charity Ride"  flyer jpeg   flyer pdf

- August 12-15 (Wednesday-Sunday) Annual Northeast Trail Riders Expo  flyer   web site 

- August 14-15 (Saturday-Sunday) The Clubs Two-Day Ride at Ivans  Ivan says Everything is good to go on the 2 day
ride. 2pm Saturday, 10am Sunday. Meet at Ivans Farm on this map for the rides. The Camping field is also shown on that
map. Trip to the museum at Strictly Hodaka is on Sunday. Ivan has 4 group trail leaders and one sweep rider available in
case we have to split up the participants. Patti Stannard usually has refreshments at Strictly Hodaka  The weather looks like
it will be good. Thank You (again), Ivan!               (A few pics from last year)

- August 15 (Sunday) 2nd Annual Tri-State Poker Run - Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association  flyer

- August 21 (Saturday) 1st Annual Ryan's Run  web page   flyer

- August 28 (Saturday) Southwick Lucas Oil Pro AMA Motocross National

- September 3-6 (Friday-Monday) Americades Rolling Thru Vermont

- September 4-5 (Saturday-Sunday Labor Day weekend) State Line Riders Hosted NETRA Race at Potter Hill
 Contact John by Aug. 23rd to buy or reserve Chicken BBQ Tickets, see flyer...  Event flyer jpeg   Event flyer jpeg (small)   Event flyer pdf

- September 4-5 (Saturday-Sunday) Bear Creek Sportsman "Bear Creek Blast" weekend

- September 9-12 (Thursday-Sunday) Americades The Killington Classic

- September 11 (Saturday) Blue Knights Annual “Tee” Moyer Memorial Ride  flyer jpeg   flyer PDF

- September 11-12 (Saturday-Sunday) Unadilla GNCC (Grand National Cross Country)

- September 18 (Saturday) 2010 Josh Fratus Memorial Ride For Life will be held Saturday Sept 18. Sign up is from 9-11,
the ride leaves at 11am from the Park and Ride on Dufresne Pond Rd in Manchester to Josh's family's home in Danby.  There
will be tons of food and beverages at the finish.  The donation is $25 to the Josh Fratus Scholarship Fund.  Several State Line
Riders participated last year... (...thanks for sending this in Ivan)

- September 18 (Saturday) Vintage Bike Ride near Warwick NY Bike must have drum brakes and be air cooled. Ken M. says
for more info call Al Snoop at (845) 783-3557

- September 23-26 (Thursday-Sunday) Americades Rolling Thru Maine

- September 25 (Saturday) Rally for Ali in Search of a Cure for Diabetes, Ride & Picnic in Halfmoon, NY web site

- October 9th (Saturday) & 10th (Sunday) Trials Events at CATRA in Northville, NY click here for more information

- November 20th (Sat.) Kicker Arena Cross & Freestyle Motocross Show at Times Union Center click here for info

- December 23rd (Thursday) State Line Riders Christmas Party at Guiseppe's Party/Meeting will start at 7PM

Motorcycle News 2010:

01/02 - CycleNews: Harley vs. Ridley: A settlement is reached...
01/02 - CycleWorld: Reviews of all 2010 Motorcycles from Kawasaki
01/02 - CycleWorld: Reviews of all 2010 Motorcycles from Ducati
01/02 - CycleWorld: Reviews of all 2010 Motorcycles from KTM
01/02 - MotorcyclistOnline: GYTR Yamaha WR300X - The 12 Bikes Of XXXMAS: Extra Oomph For The X
01/02 - CycleNews: 2010 Beta 450 RR First Ride: All-new and all-Beta, we take the 2010 450 RR for a spin.
01/02 - CycleNews: 2010 Suzuki RM-Z450 First Impression: New and improved 2010 Suzuki RM-Z450 breaks cover!
01/05 - MotorcyclistOnline: Aprilia MXV 4.5: What Next, Four Cylinders?
01/05 - MotorcyclistOnline: 2010 Honda VFR1200F - MR. Sophisticated: Honda builds an automatic for the sportbike people
01/05 - RoadRacingWorld: Harley-Davidson Will Sell 12 Models In India
01/05 - RoadRacingWorld: Harley-Davidson Hopes To Attract Owners Of Competing Brands With Trade-In Promotion
01/06 - Motorcycle.com: 2010 Literbike Shootout: Aprilia RSV4 Factory vs. Ducati 1198S vs. KTM RC8R: 1: The All-Vee Battle!
01/11 - SportRider: 2010 Sport Rider Magazine Buyer's Guide
01/13 - MotorcyclistOnline: 2010 Kawasaki Concours 14: Redefining Rapid Transit-Again
01/14 - Motorcycle.com: 2010 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Classic vs. 2010 Triumph Thunderbird: A flight of two fancies
01/14 - SuperStreetBike: 2010 Aprilia RSV4 R: A bike is only as strong as its weakest link, something Aprilia found out...
01/14 - CycleWorld: First Ride: 2010 BMW R1200GS: BMW's new R1200GS adventure tourer gets dohc heads and more power
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09/15 - UltimateMotorcycling: Harley Operations to Stay in Wisconsin
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09/17 - HellForLeather: Meet the Queen Stars, Japan’s elite female motorcycle police squad
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09/24 - Motorcycle-USA: Wisc. Offers Harley $25 Million in Tax Incentives
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11/18 - CycleWorld: 1979 Suzuki GS1000S: Larry Pearson doesn’t call his business Meticulous Motorcycle Painting for nothing
11/18 - CycleWorld: Back From the Dead - Special Feature: Resurrecting a bargain blaster
11/18 - CNN: U.S. motorcycle missionaries attacked in Haiti
11/29 - Motorcycle-USA: CorsaCaffe Coffee Line for the Ducatisti
11/29 - Motorcycle-USA: The Harbortown Bobber Motorcycle DVD Review
11/29 - Motorcycle-USA: NY Co. Buys Daytona Beach Bike Week Rights
11/29 - Video: CycleWorld: Conti RoadAttack 2 sport touring tire test at the Contidrom: We blitz Continental Tires’ banked oval...
11/29 - CycleWorld: Retro Reflections
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11/29 - UltimateMotorcycling: Riding Australia's Great Ocean Road
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12/08 - CycleWorld: Suzuki Hayabusa - Best Used Bikes
12/08 - Motorcycle-USA: AC Propulsion Expands Manufacturing to China
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12/08 - UltimateMotorcycling: Best Western... Motorcycle Hotels
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12/08 - UltimateMotorcycling: Brickyard Killer: Custom Bike
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12/23 - Motorcycle.com: BRP Developing Hybrid Can-Am Spyder: Canadian gov. & Bombardier investing $11M into research
12/23 - Motorcycle-USA: The Devil Can Ride - Motorcycle Book Review
12/23 - Motorcycle-USA: German Iron Curtain Motorcycle Tour
12/23 - Motorcycle-USA: Win SPS Custom in Arizona Scavenger Hunt
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