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01/04/11 2011 NETRA Schedule Added to Club Site click above under "Upcoming Races, Events & Rides" or here

01/06/11 2011 State Line Riders Membership Dues Are Due Actually they were due Jan. 1st. The membership renewal
form (as a PDF or JPEG) is on the bottom of this page if you want to print one, and also available at the Thursday meetings.

01/08/11 Best 2010 NETRA Event Vote A reminder to State Line Riders NETRA members, you can vote for the
"Best NETRA Event" of 2010 by logging into your NETRA membership profile on the NETRA web site and doing so.

01/08/11 State Line Riders Motorcycle Club 2010 Officers Elected at the 1/6 Club Meeting. President: John McIntyre;
Vice-President: David Prouty; Treasurer: Jamie Johnson; Secretary: Brennan Holland; Serjeant-at-Arms: Paul Cummings;
Webmaster: Jeffrey Woodin; Referee: un-filled officer position

01/08/11 Proposed "Land Steward" By-Law Change Kevin has a proposal to change the long time empty "Referee" officer
position to a "Land Steward" officer position that would help guide the club in the acquisition of land, then help maintain that
land for the club to ride on. Please attend the next couple meetings if you have questions about it. If I can get a copy of the
full text it will be posted here. UPDATE 01/18: You can find and read Kevins proposal here. Thank you Brennan.

01/18/11 Angies Page Has An Update! See Angies report from the first (snowy) NETRA race of the year here

02/05/11 Off-Roader Nathan Woods Passes Away Ivan sent in this article on the sad passing of WORCS champ Nathan Woods

02/05/11 State Line Riders Vote To Add "Land Steward" Officer Position At the 1/27 club meeting the club voted to
replace the long vacant "Referee" position with a "Land Steward" position. Kevin H. has been nominated for the new position.
The club is also looking for upto 6 people to serve on the land committee to help guide the club on finding, acquiring and
maintaining land for use by the club. Interested? Come sign up!

02/10/11 Snow Causes Mototown USA Roof Collapse Tim sent in this story on the huge Mototown roof collapse. Thanks Tim!

02/13/11 Pictures From The Winter Scramble Theresa sent in pictures from the Winter Scramble 1/16  see them here

02/21/11 Kevin Hansen Elected to New "Land Steward" Officer Position At the 2/17 meeting Kevin was elected to the
new position to help guide the club in finding, buying and managing land for the club.

02/21/11 Sydney and Landree Had a Birthday! At the 2/17 meeting Carissa brought out a cake for Sydney and Landree

02/29/11 State Line Riders Banquet Pictures Posted Some pics Jeff took at the 2/26 club banquet added  see them here

03/10/11 SuperCross coming to the Syracuse Carrier Dome in 2012? ...there is a rumor out there that is a possibilty.

03/10/11 Stolen Bikes Recovered! At the 3/3 meeting Frank G. reported his 3 bikes that were stolen last year in
Bennington were recovered by Pittsfield Police. It appears these 3 guys would ride around the the area looking for bikes
to steal, then would return later to steal them. Good job Pittsfield PD!

03/31/11 By-Laws Updated to Include Land Steward Position Edited By-Laws now reflect changes voted on 1/27/11

03/31/11 Jordan Griffin Had His 14th Birthday At the 3/24 meeting Angie brought in a cake :)

03/31/11 Billy Burns Thank You Picture At the 3/24 meeting John brought in a picture Billy gave him  see it here

03/31/11 All Brand Vintage Trail Ride Tim sent in this info for this "1985 and earlier" ride May 7th  info page

03/31/11 State Line Riders Membership Dues Are Due! Reminder, if you've not paid your 2011 Membership Dues please
do so immediatly (especially NETRA racers)! Dues were due Jan. 1st.  If you already paid, Thank You!  renewal form

04/01/11 Pictures From the Spring Challenge in E. Freetown, MA Posted Thanks Theresa!  see them here

04/06/11 Pictures From the Clubs Toronto SuperCross Bus Trip Posted!  see them here

04/07/11 AMA Action Alerts Tim sent in info on an AMA Contest "Why do kids ride? Tell the AMA in a video and you
could win a trip to Washington, DC!". You may also want to check out "Legislation to be introduced in Congress that
supports greater access to public lands. Contact your Representative today!"

04/21/11 Land Committee Election Held at the 3/31 meeting. The six members are: Marc Bottesi, Pete Johnston, Luke
Johnston, Taylor Johnston, Willy Hall & Eric Kipp. But input and suggestions from all members are welcome and encouraged!

04/21/11 NETRA Banquet Date Set John reported at the 4/14 meeting he met with the Marriott in Albany (Wolf Road, Colonie)
and that the NETRA Banquet, hosted by State Line Riders for this year, will be held there Saturday Feb. 11th 2012, two weeks
later than usual, and a block of at least 200 rooms have been reserved for the event.

04/21/11 Another Birthday Cake At the 4/14 meeting we had another cake, for Nate (15), Taylor (18) & Cole (13).
The cake was great! Miss a meeting, miss a chance for great free cake! ;)

05/03/11 State Line Riders Motorcycle Club is AMA Chartered Again State Line Riders was an AMA club for
many many years, only dropping the affiliation over the cost of insurance for our NETRA events, but it has now
been happily worked out where that is no longer an issue and as of today we are an AMA Chartered Club again.

05/05/11 Angies Page has an Update about Tuxedo Ridge, the club had a great weekend!  read it here

05/19/11 Mountain Lion Mayhem (Nutmeg) Pics Posted Theresa sent in some more great pics  see them here

06/13/11 Email from Royal Bike Riders in India The club got an email from Yogesh Kumar from the Royal Bike Riders
in India. If you are interested in a bike adventure in India check them out! They also have an e-brochure on this page.
Yogesh also asked for any feedback we may have, you can email our motorcycle buddy Yogesh at

06/13/11 Pictures from CATRA Black Fly Theresa sent in pics! see them here   A reminder too, if you have pics that
include members of the club that you'd like to share with the club, send them in! Vintage rides or races, trials events,
some other event club members participated in ...send them in! :)

06/24/11 Pictures from the Manchester Car Show Ivan sent in some pictures from a vintage motorcycle booth he and some
other club members set up at the Manchester Car Show 6/12. Thank you Ivan!  see them here

06/24/11 HNB Excavating Becomes a Club Sponsor Paul Cummings, long time club member, has become a Club
Sponsor and has bought a banner on our Sponsors page! Please see all our great sponsors and support them when you can!

06/30/11 Pictures from Laurel City Posted Theresa sent in more pics, thanks Theresa! see them here

06/30/11 Sue & Willy's Birthday At the 6/23 meeting Sue ends her 40-something's and Willy turned 38, and the
club got free cake, if you missed it here is a pic

08/08/11 Pic Added to Walts Pics 2011 Walt sent in a cool pic of Billy at the 2010 ISDE  see it here

08/08/11 Pictures from Squaw Valley Cup Posted Gary sent these in from this trials event  see them here

08/16/11 Pictures from CATRA Trials Event Posted Gary sent these in from this trials event. Includes
a pic of John H.'s very cool '47 Ariel. Thanks Gary!  see them here

08/24/11 Angies Page Updated Angie has some updates...  read them here

09/08/11 Angies Page Updated Angie has as update about our club race last weekend...  read it here

10/01/11 Angie is having more "Pricker Bush Hill" Race T-Shirts ($15), Long Sleeve T-Shirts ($20) and
Sweat Shirts ($25)
made. These shirts were very popular at our race and we sold out. But people have been asking for
them and Angie is going to have more made PLUS a Sweat Shirt. To Pre-order, email Angie at
and tell her how many of each & what size you want/need of these very nice shirts. Last chance to get them!

10/14/11 Berlin Land Auction 215 acres in Berlin at 850 Green Hollow Road is coming up for auction Wed. 10/26.
Read About It Here  Club members, and our Land Committee, are encouraged to check out the land and come to the next
weeks Thursday meeting to give their input and to possibly vote on the club acquiring this land. Thanks Ron B. for spotting it!

12/08/11 Officer Nominations Taken at the 12/1 Club Meeting John started taking officer nominations for the club
for 2012. If you want to nominate someone please attend tonight and next weeks meetings.

Old Events 2011...

- January 6th - 9th (Thursday-Sunday) Hudson Valley RV And Boat Show at HVCC (free)  click here for show info
    In the McDonough Field House building I believe (#17 on this map)

- January 7th - 9th (Friday-Sunday) Saratoga Indoor RV Show at Saratoga City Center (free)  click here for full info

- January 21st - 23rd (Friday-Sunday) Javits Convention Center Motorcycle Show  event info page

- January 22nd (Saturday) NETRA Banquet Dinner & Hotel must be reserved by 12/24  more information

- January 28th - 30th (Friday-Sunday) Frank Maratt's Auto & Cycle Show at the Hartford Connecticut Expo Center
    Anyone in the club interested in doing a mini-bus trip to this event? Adults $15, Children 8-12 $7.50,
    Kids 7 & under are Free  event page

- February 12th - 13th (Saturday - Sunday) Lake George Winter Carnival Motorcycle Ice Races Carnival web page
    This is an AMA sanctioned event. Here are some pics from last years races

- February 26th (Saturday Evening) Annual State Line Riders Motorcycle Club Banquet Roast Beef dinner, soda, beer,
    a band, raffle prizes, fun; Adults $25, Kids $20. Tickets should be available at the Jan. 13th Thursday club meeting

- March 4th - 13th (Friday-Sunday) Daytona Bike Week  Bike Week web site

- March 26th - 27th (Saturday-Sunday) State Line Riders Toronto SuperCross Bus Trip click here if you want to go!!

- May 7th (Saturday) Dave and Larry All Brand Vintage Trail Ride  info page

- May 7th (Saturday) Upstate NY Riders 2011 Season Kick-Off Ride Meeting time is 11AM at Exit 9 I87 Dunkin
 Donuts near Mobil in front of the mall formerly known as Clifton Country Mall (Rain Date: Sat., May 21stride info

- June 7th - 11th (Tuesday-Saturday) Americade, Lake George  web site

- June 12th (Sunday) Vintage Motorcycle display at the Manchester Car Show this Sunday. With the club Field Meet
postponed, Ivan is trying to scrounge up some participants that have Vintage bikes. His display will be 10am-2pm Sunday.
No Charge for participants. To contact Ivan send and email to statelineriders@yahoo.com

- June 11th - 12th ** Postponed** (Saturday-Sunday) State Line Riders Field Meet
at Squaw Valley field
Because our original date to use the field became un-available, and the new dates of the 11th & 12th seem to
not work for a lot of people in the club who made other plans for this weekend we'll re-schedule the Field Meet
to a future date. Watch here (or come to a meeting...or join the club email list) for updates when it will be.
Note: Saturday is for club members only, Sunday open to all   (some pics from 2010)

- June 26th (Sunday) NJD Racing 1st Annual Toy Run
To benefit Toys for Tots. Ride & Bar-B-Que  flyer

- July 24th (Sunday) "3D" Trials "Squaw Valley Cup" Event
at Squaw Valley field in Hoosick Falls. Gary, Kevin,
John H. and others from our club are doing this NETA trials event. Open to the public, but if you want to ride the course
you'll need a trials bike (with trials tires). You will also need to be a NETA member ($20 to join), and the fee to compete
is $10. Even if you can't ride the course, come out see what trials bikes and rideing are all about. Competition starts
at 11am. Directions. Contact Gary Brodock 518-470-5777 for more information.

- August 13th (Saturday) AMA Motocross at Unadilla Motorsports
at New Berlin, NY

- August 13th -14th (Saturday-Sunday) The Clubs Two-Day Ride at Ivans in Manchester, VT. Ivan is generous to let us
camp out in his field for the rides Sat. & Sun. All club members are welcome. Some pics from '09 if you've not been before.
    click here for flyer (jpeg)         click here for flyer (pdf)         Directions

- August 20th - 21st (Saturday-Sunday) State Line Riders Motorcycle Club 2-Day Dual-Sport Event 
    click for web page with details        click here for flyer (jpeg)      click here for flyer (pdf)

- August 27th (Saturday) AMA Motocross at Southwick / Moto-X 338 (WMX Event) at Southwick, Mass.

- September 3rd - 4th (Saturday-Sunday, Labor Day weekend) State Line Riders NETRA Hosted Race
at the new course at "Pricker Bush Hill" on Hill Road in Hoosick Falls, NY.    Event flyer jpeg   Event flyer jpeg (small)
  Contact John by Aug. 21st to buy or reserve Chicken BBQ Tickets, see flyer...    Event flyer pdf
Directions to the "Pricker Bush Hill" field on Hill Road (RV & Trailer Owners see special directions at page bottom)

- September 2nd - 5th (Friday-Monday) Americades Rolling Thru Vermont  event information

- September 8th - 11th (Thursday-Sunday) Americades "Killington Classic"  event information

- September 24th (Saturday) 3rd Annual Ride for Ali In search for a cure for Diabetes  flyer  web page

- October 2nd (Sunday) Spanish-made Motorcycle Ride Ken is having a ride open to any Spanish-made bike, modern
or vintage. No fee, no race, just a ride. They will meet at the Ravena Diner in Ravena, N.Y. from 8:00am to 9:30am for
breakfast. Then go to the ride area. If you don't own a Spanish bike yet and are in the area if might be fun to drop by just to
see the guys bikes and talk to them about them!!  SMOG

- October 7-9th (Friday-Sunday) 7th Annual Barber Vintage Festival At Barber Motorsports  web page

- December 22nd (Thursday) State Line Riders Christmas Party at Guiseppe's Party/Meeting will start at 7PM

Motorcycle News 2011:

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01/04 - Motorcycle-USA: 2011 Polaris Ranger RZR XP 900 First Look
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02/10 - Video: JayLenosGarage: BMW K1600GTL Unveiling
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05/05 - MotorcyclistOnline: KTM 350 XC-F: First Ride: No man's bike?
05/05 - MotorcyclistOnline: Beta 400 RS: First Ride: Beta than you'd think!
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05/10 - CycleWorld: Husqvarna Streetbike - First Look: BMW-owned Husqvarna is developing its first modern streetbike
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07/28 - Wired: Autopia: MotoCzysz Electric Superbike Will ‘Blow Your Mind’
07/28 - Wired: Autopia: Superlight Electric Wolf Is an Apex Predator
07/28 - Motorcycle-USA: 2011 Yamaha YZ85 First Ride (w/Video)
07/28 - CycleWorld: 2012 KTM SX Motocrossers - First Look: KTM’s two-strokes get linked, four-strokes fine-tuned
07/28 - Motorcycle.com: 2012 Kawasaki KX450F and KX250F Preview: Smoother, slimmer, faster and stronger
07/28 - Video: Motorcycle.com: 2011 Supersport Shootout - Track: Can Suzuki's new Gixxer spoil the 600cc party?
07/28 - Video: CycleWorld: 2011 Suzuki GSX-R750 - Road Test Editor Don Canet rides 2011 Suzuki GSX-R750 at Barber
07/28 - Motorcycle-USA: 2011 Supersport Shootout IX Street (w/Videos)
07/28 - Video: Motorcycle.com: 2012 Honda Fury vs. 2011 Yamaha Star Stryker: Chopper Lite Shootout
07/28 - Motorcycle-USA: Dual-Clutch Honda CBF Prototype Spied
07/28 - Motorcycle-USA: Honda Crosstourer Spied Testing in Europe
07/28 -
UltimateMotorcycling: 2011 Aprilia RS4 125: Preview
07/28 - UltimateMotorcycling: 2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920: First Ride
07/28 - UltimateMotorcycling: 2011 Suzuki GSX1250FA: Review
07/28 - UltimateMotorcycling: 2011 Thruxton British Superbike: Preview
07/28 - Gizmag: BMW set to pioneer intelligent active motorcycle suspension

Racing & Competition:
01/04 - MotorcyclistOnline: Future Supercross & Motocross stars will battle for points & purse at '11 AMA Racing Pro/Am events
01/04 - GrindTV: 2011 450cc SX Preview
01/04 - GrindTV: 2011 Lites SX East/West Breakdown
01/04 - Motorcycle-USA: San Manuel Yamaha SX Team Preview
01/04 - Motorcycle-USA: Rockstar Makita Suzuki SX Team Preview
01/04 - Motorcycle-USA: Monster Energy Kawasaki SX Team Preview
01/04 - Motorcycle-USA: Grant Langston AMA Supercross Interview 2
01/04 - Motorcycle-USA: M4 Suzuki’s Cardenas to American SuperBike
01/04 - Video: UltimateMotorcycling: MotoGP: Nicky Hayden LBC IMS Interview
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